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ESG materiality


In 2016, we conducted a materiality assessment to determine the ESG topics most important to our stakeholders and to inform our reporting and initiatives moving forward. In 2019, we completed a materiality refresh to reassess and reprioritize what our internal and external stakeholders consider to be the ESG topics posing the greatest opportunities and risks to our business, taking into consideration changes in stakeholder preferences and current events. We used the Six Capitals of Integrated Reporting as part of the refresh, and we carefully considered the issues and potential impacts to Edwards and its stakeholders and the potential significance of those impacts.

materiality-processIn the coming year, we plan to conduct an assessment to update our understanding of Edwards’ impacts on people and the planet as well as the top ESG risks and opportunities to our company.

Material topics

ESG Factors-v2

Edwards’ Credo reinforces our dedication to providing innovative solutions for cardiovascular patients around the world. We believe that the management of these topics supports our Aspiration to Create Exceptional Shareholder Value. For each topic, we consider why each topic is important and strategic to our company, where impacts occur throughout our manufacturing processes, geographic footprint, and stakeholder relationships. The map demonstrating our understanding of our impacts across our value chain can be found in our 2017 Sustainability Report. We plan to conduct an updated value chain exercise to reevaluate where certain ESG risks are more relevant in our business.

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